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Name: Kon-El/Connor Kent

Affiliation: Ultraman Family, Young Injustice

Personality: Ultraboy, unbelievably, is actually more insane that Ultraman. He often goes out to destroy cities for fun. He also believes that he is the true Ultraman, which he has stated numerous times.

Appearance: Connor looks identical to how Ultraman looked in his teens, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and being five feet tall. The only difference is the Ultraman costume. The insignia is half it's normal size, and the suit doesn't normally have a cape

Biography: During one of Ultraman's many exposures to Green Kryptonite, he gained the ability to see into the future. He used it to glimpse to his final moments. What he saw was a horrific sight. He saw himself being destroyed by a powerful monster, which was later revealed to be Genesis, a mutated Jimmy Olsen. Ultraman refused to believe that he would be killed, denying it at every opportunity. However, he was beginning to admit it much more, and then decided to use an old experiment. He used the technology of his Fortress of Power to clone himself. He designed the clone to age one year every week, until he reached the age of sixteen. Fifteen weeks in, Ultraman was killed by Genesis, and the clone still developed. The next week, the clone broke out of his tube and analysed the Fortress of Power. The young clone, who took the name Connor, then found out who he was, and that Ultraman had been killed. He then started a way to prove he was the true Ultraman. He wanted to be Ultraman. And soon, his wish would be granted.

Powers: Connor's Kryptonian physiology gives him invulnerable skin, the ability to fly under his own will, and gives him tremendous strength. He can also fire heated beams of energy from his eyes. Ultraboy's power source is Green Kryptonite. Everytime he is exposed to a large amount of Green Kryptonite he gains new abilities. He also has natural telekinetic and mind control abilities.
My version of Ultraboy, Ultraman's clone/son.
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January 6, 2011
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